Buying kitchen knives

kitchen knives

Buying kitchen knives
Besides our own brand of kitchen knives, Eden, we also stock all the chef’s knives of famous German brands like Wusthof, Goldhamster Solicut and Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Japanese Kai Shun kitchen knives, Global knives and many other brands. At you will find chef’s knives, santokus, Japanese knives, bread knives, steak knives and Laguiole knives by Forge de Laquiole and Fontenille Pataud.

Knife sets
The kitchen knives are available as single items or knife sets. If you buy a set you can always order the matching knife block too. We also sell kitchen utensils like chopping boards, graters, the Robert Herder windmill knife and kitchen scissors. We can also personalise your kitchen knife by engraving it, to make it an even more special gift.

It is true that Wüsthof knives often are called the best knife for professional chefs. That is due to the reputation of Wüsthof in the professional world on the one hand and on the other hand with the fact that Wüsthof makes knives that meet the requirements of many professional and amateur chefs. But the answer is: it depends on what you expect from a chef’s knife.

In practice a chef’s knife (and any other kitchen knife) is a compromise between cutting characteristics, sturdiness and maintenance sensitivity.

To make a knife as sharp as possible it must be paper thin, especially on the cutting edge. And to make a knife very thin, the hardness and quality of the steel come under high stress. The hard steel combined with a thin blade makes such a sharp knife much more vulnerable and also more sensitive to corrosion.

Wüsthof knives (but also the knives of Zwilling and Goldhamster) are for many users an excellent compromise between cutting characteristics, sturdiness and maintenance sensitivity. That is the reason they are often called ‘the best chef’s knives’. If you want more sharpness however and you know that you are not always as careful with your knives as you should be, you can choose a thinner knife. For example by KAI, Robert Herder or Global. But make sure a housemate does not try to chop through a chicken thigh because the damage will be greater than with a Wüsthof knife for example.

And then we have our own brand of knives: Eden Quality. Those knives are more economic than Wüsthof and Zwilling but are extremely good value for money.

The Classic VG10 series and the Classic Damask series do offer the hard VG10-steel that many expensive knives have too. They are sharpened slightly less thin; more like the knives by Wüsthof. Their hard steel makes them suitable to be sharpened under a sharper angle with a whetstone.

The question which knife is best is a very personal one. You have to ask yourself: ‘What type of user am I?’ It could be very useful to read the reviews of the different knives.


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